We invite you to join our undergraduate and graduate programs in Microbiology and Cell Science. Become a Gator with a promising future in challenging programs.

Online Bachelor of Science Program

Students who are interested in research, the life sciences, or submitting competitive applications for professional school (medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, etc.) are in luck! The Department of Microbiology and Cell Science now offers an online BS degree in Microbiology. The program is designed to allow students to complete two years of prerequisites at universities, colleges, or community colleges within the state of Florida and then to transfer into the online Microbiology degree at UF as a junior.

The program is instructed by the same UF faculty and staff that manage the synchronous undergraduate courses on campus, and gives students the opportunity at a strong science education that will prepare them for professional school and successful careers in the life sciences, while still offering the flexibility of an online degree program.

Please visit our Online BS Program website to learn more or click here to apply.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Microbiology and Cell Science offers an excellent education for students who wish to earn the M.S. or Ph.D. degrees. Graduates are well prepared to pursue careers in research and teaching in microbiology, cell biology, cellular biochemistry and molecular genetics. Click here to learn more.

UF Microbiology and Cell Science

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Microbiology and Cell Science offers a B.S. degree through either the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences or the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The curriculum prepares students to meet their goals, which include professional careers in microbiology, or continuation of their education in professional programs such as medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary or graduate school. The Combined B.S./M.S. degree is also available through the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Click here to learn more.