MCS Seminars

MCS Fall 2020 Seminar Schedule

Microbiology and Cell Science building. 4PM – 5PM.

7: Labor Day (No Seminar)
14: Kaylie Padgett (Gonzalez Lab); Jill Babor (de Crecy Lab)
21: Ricardo Couto-Rodriguez (Maupin Lab); KeAira Davis (Rice Lab)
23: Barry Bochner (CEO Biolog) | Host: Daniel Czyz
28: Dr. Aria Eshraghi–Assistant Professor, Department of Infectious Diseases and Immunology (UF)
5: Autumn Dove (Czyz Lab); Matt Hauserman (Rice Lab)
12: Alyssa Walker (Czyz Lab); Colbie Reed (de Crecy Lab)
19: Robert Scharping –USF (Speaker invited by students)
26:Tracoyia Roach (Larkin Lab); Anna Gioseffi (Kima Lab)
2: Matthew Turner (Rice Lab); Zach Adams (Maupin Lab)
9: Dr. Claudia Jakubzick (Dartmouth University)
16: Dr. Ken Cadwell (NYU Langone)
23: Christina Davis (Christner Lab); Austin Sheppe (Edelmann Lab)
30:Christine Pourciau (Romeo Lab); Jessie Brandwein (Rice Lab)
7: Dr. Howard Salis (Penn State University)
14: Kathleen Miller (Nicholson Lab); Madeline Vroom (Foster Lab)

Recordings from past speakers can be viewed in the MCS Video Archive