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Contact Dr. Valerie deCrecy-Legard or Dr. Bryan Kolaczkowski or the Microbiology advisor Chris Holyoak to set up an appointment to discuss the minor and received department approval.

Apply for the minor after 40 UF hours.  Complete the “Add/Cancel a Minor” form with the appropriate signatures from the college official of your current major first and then the college official offering  the Minor (CALS - 2002 McCarty Hall D).  The contact information is on the minor form. The form is then returned to the Registrar’s Office in Criser Hall.


Everyone will  need to complete the Form for BSC 4913 - Independent Study since it is a required course.  You will also need to complete the form for BSC 4914-Advanced Independent Research only if you plan to do Advanced Independent Research for the elective course requirement.  These two forms are first approved by one of the coordinators, signed, and then returned to Chris Holyoak in the Microbiology building Room 1047 for registration within the designated registration time frame. 

Complete all course work successfully with a grade of C or higher In each course.

You will not see the minor listed anywhere on ISIS or your degree audit.  You can check with you academic advisor to verify it’s approval after you officially apply and have been approved by the colleges.



The minor will be certified by the Microbiology Department the semester you apply for degree certification to graduate and it will be officially listed at the end of  your UF transcript.