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Bioinformatics Coordinators

Dr. Valerie de Crecy-Lagard

Dr. de Crecy-Lagard teaches Introduction to Bioinformatics (BSC 4434). Her research uses comparative genomics and bacterial genetics to discover entirely new biochemical pathways and determine how they function. Dr. de Crecy-Lagard is an expert at integrating advanced bioinformatics analyses with traditional wet-lab work to drive biological discovery. She is interested in helping students develop these integrative skills that are needed to advance the biological sciences.

Dr. Bryan Kolaczkowski

Dr. Kolaczkowski teaches Python Programming for Biologists (BSC 2891). His research bridges evolutionary bioinformatics, molecular biochemistry and scientific visualization to understand how we can help the immune system protect us from disease. Dr. Kolaczkowski has a Ph.D. in computer science and is interested in helping students develop computer programming skills they can apply to biological questions.