January 2014 – The emerging role of complex modifications of tRNA in signaling pathways

Published: March 4th, 2015

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Coordination of cell growth with nutrient availability, in particular amino acids, is a central problem that has been solved by the implementation of complex regulatory cascades. Although the specific regulatory mechanisms differ between kingdoms and species, a common theme is the use of tRNA molecules as sensors and transducers of amino acid starvation. In many bacteria, amino acid starvation leads to high levels of uncharged tRNAs, a signal for the synthesis of the stringent response’s alarmones, halting transcription of stable RNAs and inducing the synthesis of amino acid synthesis pathways [1]. In gram-positive Bacteria (as well as the Deinococcus-Thermus clade), uncharged tRNAs bind structures (T-boxes) in the leader sequences of mRNA encoding gene, activating the expression of genes involved in amino acid metabolism [2]. In eukaryotes, the conserved General Amino Acid Control (GAAC) response is triggered by shortage of amino acids that leads to the binding of uncharged tRNAs to Gcn2 kinase and, through a cascade of events, to the activation of the central activator of amino acid synthesis genes, Gcn4 [3]. As the study by Scheidt et al. [4]and several other recent studies in this field reveal, variations in charging levels are not the only mechanism by which tRNAs play a role in amino acid starvation responses; levels of post-transcriptional modifications also seem to play major roles.

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Associate ProfessorDecrecy

Department of Microbiology and Cell Science University of Florida
PhD (1991) University Paris VII (Institut Pasteur), Paris
Post-doctoral (1991-1993) NCI/NIH Bethesda

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General Microbiology

 Description of Research

General area: Comparative genomic. Bacterial genetics. Experimental evolution. Genetic Code.

The main focus of Dr. de Crecy-Lagard’s laboratory is to utilize the power of microbial genetics to make efficient use of the avalanche of genomic information now available. By combining comparative genomics approaches with experimental verification, new enzymes, pathways and chemistries that had previously evaded identification are revealed.

We have identified several new tRNA modification families that are now under study. By using a new model organism, the naturally transformable bacterium Acinetobacter ADP1, very simple protocols for genetic manipulation have been developed and are now being used to test predictions, build selection strains, and perform pathway engineering. Finally, the use of experimental evolution protocols to adapt bacteria to new metabolic constraints is being explored.

Selected Publications

Yazdani, Mohammad; Zallot, Remi; Tunc-Ozdemir, Meral; de Crecy-Lagard, Valerie; Shintani, David K.;”>Hanson, Andrew D. 2013. Identification of the thiamin salvage enzyme thiazole kinase in Arabidopsis and maize. PHYTOCHEMISTRY (94): 68-73.

Rémi Zallot, Gennaro Agrimi, Claudia Lerma-Ortiz, Howard J. Teresinski, Océane Frelin,Kenneth W. Ellens, Alessandra Castegna, Annamaria Russo, Valérie de Crécy-Lagard, Robert T. Mullen, Ferdinando Palmieri, and Andrew D. Hanson. 2013. Identification of Mitochondrial Coenzyme A Transporters from Maize and Arabidopsis. PLANT PHYSIOLOGY. 162 (2) 581-588

Leonardo Sorci, Ian K. Blaby, Irina A. Rodionova, Jessica De Ingeniis, Sergey Tkachenko, Valérie de Crécy-Lagard and Andrei L. Osterman. 2013. Quinolinate Salvage and Insights for Targeting NAD Biosynthesis in Group A Streptococci JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 195(4):726-732. 

Ghulam Hasnain, Océane Frelin, Sanja Roje, Kenneth W. Ellens, Kashif Ali, Jiahn-Chou Guan, Timothy J. Garrett, Valérie de Crécy-Lagard, Jesse F. Gregory III, Donald R. McCarty, and Andrew D. Hanson. 2013. Identification and Characterization of the Missing Pyrimidine Reductase in the Plant Riboflavin Biosynthesis Pathway. PLANT PHYSIOLOGY. (161) 48-56.

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By: Blaby-Haas, Crysten E.; Flood, Jessica A.; de Crecy-Lagard, Valerie; et al. METALLOMICS Volume: 4 Issue: 5 Pages: 488-497 Published: 2012

Functional Promiscuity of the COG0720 Family
By: Phillips, Gabriela; Grochowski, Laura L.; Bonnett, Shilah; et al. ACS CHEMICAL BIOLOGY Volume: 7 Issue: 1 Pages: 197-209 Published: JAN 2012

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