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Dr. Monika Oli wins 2016-2017 UF Faculty Advisor/Mentor of the Year!

Published: Apr 19th, 2017

The University of Florida honors faculty who bring distinction to the university through their outstanding commitment to teaching, scholarship, service, research and creative activity. A number of awards and recognitions acknowledge the […]

The Effect of Oxygen on Bile Resistance in Listeria monocytogenes

Published: Jun 8th, 2016

Abstract Listeria monocytogenes is a Gram-positive facultative anaerobe that is the causative agent of the disease listeriosis. The infectious ability of this bacterium is dependent upon resistance to stressors encountered within […]

Identification of the Genes Required for the Culture of Liberibacter crescens, the Closest Cultured Relative of the Liberibacter Plant Pathogens

Published: Jun 8th, 2016

Abstract Here Tn5 random transposon mutagenesis was used to identify the essential elements for culturing Liberibacter crescens BT-1 that can serve as antimicrobial targets for the closely related pathogens of citrus, Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus […]

New multi-scale perspectives on the stromatolites of Shark Bay, Western Australia

Published: Jun 8th, 2016

Abstract A recent field-intensive program in Shark Bay, Western Australia provides new multi-scale perspectives on the world’s most extensive modern stromatolite system. Mapping revealed a unique geographic distribution of morphologically […]

Archaeal Inorganic Pyrophosphatase Displays Robust Activity under High-Salt Conditions and in Organic Solvents

Published: Jan 15th, 2016

Abstract Soluble inorganic pyrophosphatases (PPAs) that hydrolyze inorganic pyrophosphate (PPi) to orthophosphate (Pi) are commonly used to accelerate and detect biosynthetic reactions that generate PPi as a by-product. Current PPAs are […]

Adaptation of the Agrobacterium tumefaciens VirG response regulator to activate transcription in plants

Published: Jan 15th, 2016

Abstract The Agrobacterium tumefaciens VirG response regulator of the VirA/VirG two-component system was adapted to function in tobacco protoplasts. The subcellular localization of VirG and VirA proteins transiently expressed in onion cells […]

Arabidopsis Elongator subunit 2 positively contributes to resistance to the necrotrophic fungal pathogens Botrytis cinerea and Alternaria brassicicola

Published: Oct 6th, 2015

Abstract The evolutionarily conserved Elongator complex functions in diverse biological processes including salicylic acid-mediated immune response. However, how Elongator functions in jasmonic acid (JA)/ethylene (ET)-mediated defense is unknown. Here, we […]

Regulation of Bacterial Virulence by Csr (Rsm) Systems

Published: Jul 15th, 2015

SUMMARY SUMMARY Most bacterial pathogens have the remarkable ability to flourish in the external environment and in specialized host niches. This ability requires their metabolism, physiology, and virulence factors to be […]

SOCS1 Mimetics and Antagonists: A Complementary Approach to Positive and Negative Regulation of Immune Function

Published: Jul 15th, 2015

Abstract Suppressors of cytokine signaling (SOCS) are inducible intracellular proteins that play essential regulatory roles in both immune and non-immune function. Of the eight known members, SOCS1 and SOCS3 in […]

Tenebrionid secretions and a fungal benzoquinone oxidoreductase form competing components of an arms race between a host and pathogen

Published: Jul 15th, 2015

Significance Although entomopathogenic fungi and their invertebrate hosts share a >300 million year co-evolutionary history, little is known concerning the biochemical and genetic basis of insect defensive tactics and the […]