List of Graduate Courses

MCB 5252: Microbiology, Immunology, and Immunotherapeutics

(4 credits) (Spring) Prereq: CHM 2210, 2211, and consent of instructor. Microbiology and immunology for pharmacy students. Microorganisms and infection, control with antimicrobials, host immune response, immune disorders.

MCB 5303L: Microbial Genetics and Biotechnology Laboratory

(2 credits) (Spring) Prereq: MCB 3023/3023L and 4303 or PCB 4522 with grade of C or higher. Methods for mutagenesis, gene transfer and genetic mapping, plasmid isolation, restriction enzyme use, construction of chimeric (recombinant) plasmids, phage isolation and preparation.

MCB 5408: Anaerobic Microbiology and Biotechnology

(3 credits) (Spring) Prereq: MCB 3023/3023L, and BCH 4024 or CHM 4207. Structure, physiology, metabolism, and biotechnology of anaerobes.

MCB 5505: General Virology

(3 credits) (Spring) Prereq: MCB 3020/3020L and 4203 with grade of C or higher. Basic information on families of viruses from humans, plants, insects, animals, and bacteria. Medical, clinical, diagnostic, biotechnological, and molecular aspects of these viruses.

MCB 6317: Molecular Biology of Gene Expression

(1 credit) (Fall) Synthesis, processing, transport, and translation of RNA in microorganisms and eukaryotes. Additional topics include epigenetic regulation of gene expression.

MCB 6318: Comparative Microbial Genomics

(1 credit) (Fall) Prereq: PCB 4522 and a working knowledge of basic bioinformatic tools. Methods to allow experimental scientists to efficiently use genomic and post-genomic data that is publicly available. Examples taken primarily from the field of microbial metabolism and regulation.

MCB 6355: Microbial/Host Defense

(1 credit) (Spring) Prereq: MCB 4203 and PCB 5235 or equivalents, with the minimum grade of a C. Principles of host defense to microbial invasion in a context of cellular biology involving both plants and animals.

MCB 6409: Microbial Cell Structure and Function

(3 credits) (Fall) Prereq: undergraduate biochemistry and microbiology and consent of instructor. Review of current knowledge concerning structure, function, and biosynthesis of microbial cells.

MCB 6417: Microbial Metabolism and Energetics

(1 credit) (Fall) Principles of energy and biosynthetic metabolism in aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms.  Current biotechnology which incorporates these principles will also be discussed.

MCB 6457: Metabolic Regulation

(1 credit) (Spring) Prereq: MCB 4403 and BCH 4024 or CHM 3218 and equivalent. Molecular mechanisms by which bacteria sense their environment and respond by optimizing their metabolism. Topics for study and discussion will be chosen from the current primary literature.

MCB 6465: Microbial Metabolic Engineering

(1 credit) (Spring) Prereq: MCB 4403 and BCH 4024 or CHM 3218 or equivalent. Principles of anaerobic fermentation and its role in production of fuels and chemicals from various feedstocks including lignocellulosic biomass. Evaluation of methods of depolymerization of complex carbohydrate feedstocks to simple sugars for fermentation.

MCB 6485: Advanced Techniques in Microbiology and Cell Science

(2-4 credits; max: 4) Prereq: consent of instructor. Application of advanced techniques to experimental research in biochemistry, cell biology, and microbiology.

MCB 6772: Advanced Topics in Cell Biology

(1 credit) (Spring) Develops an understanding of current advances and approaches in the study of cell biology of eukaryotes, with insight into the differences between plants and animals, particularly their susceptibility or capacity to resist microbial pathogens.

MCB 6905: Experimental Microbiology

(1-8 credits; max: 12) Prereq: eight credits in microbiology and cell science. Application of physical, chemical and biological techniques to experimental problems in microbiology. Individual laboratory study.

MCB 6910: Supervised Research

(1-5 credits; max: 5) S/U.

MCB 6930: Seminar

(1 credit; max: 8) Attendance required of all graduate majors at all research presentations. S/U.

MCB 6937: Special Topics in Microbiology

(1-4 credits; max: 12) Contemporary research in a particular aspect of general microbiology.

MCB 6940: Supervised Teaching

(1-5 credits; max: 5) S/U.

MCB 6971: Research for Master’s Thesis

(1-15 credits) S/U.

MCB 7922: Journal Colloquy

(1 credit; max: 8) Critical presentation and discussion of recent original articles in the microbiological literature. Participation required.

MCB 7979: Advanced Research

(1-12 credits) Research for doctoral students before admission to candidacy. Designed for students with a master’s degree in the field of study or for students who have been accepted for a doctoral program. Not appropriate for students who have been admitted to candidacy. S/U.

MCB 7980: Research for Doctoral Dissertation

(1-15 credits) S/U.

PCB 5136L: Techniques in Microbial and Cell Biology

(3 credits) (Fall) Prereq: B grade or higher in MCB 3020L, CHM 3120/3120L. A laboratory in experimental bacteriology and cell biology. Emphasis on experimental approaches and techniques used in study of cells and microorganisms. Experiments in microscopy, cell fractionation, metabolism, physiology, genetics, and regulation.

PCB 5235: Immunology

(3 credits) (Spring) Prereq: C grade or higher in MCB 3020L. Immune system of vertebrate animals. The cellular and molecular events involved in immune responsiveness and resistance to infectious diseases.