Sheila Gomez

Assistant Director, Florida Center for Renewable Chemicals and Fuels (FCRC)Gomez

Department of Microbiology and Cell Science University of Florida

Post-Doc, UF and Malcolm Randall V. A. Medical Center Research Service, Gainesville, FL.
Post-Doc, U.S. D. A, CMAVE
Ph.D., University of Florida
M.S., University of Philippines

Contact Information

352 -392-0237

Professional Interests

Acquisition and administration of research grants, graduate education in microbiology and cell science, and metabolic engineering of bacteria to produce chemicals and fuels from biomass. Translational research on the treatment of refractory hematological and solid cancers. Molecular genetic transformations in insects and plants.

Work Experience

Grants Coordinator, Department of Microbiology and Cell Science, U. F., 2004 to present.

Graduate Program Assistant, Department of Microbiology and Cell Science, 2004 to present.

Assistant Director, FCRF, 2001 to present.

Associate-In, Department of Microbiology and Cell Science, 2001 to present.

Post-Doc Research Associate, Division of Hematology and Oncology, College of Medicine, UF, 2000-2001.

Biological Scientist, Department of Entomology and Nematology, UF, 1996-2000.

Laboratory Experience


Coordinated and monitored research assistants, students, and staff; budgeted and procured supplies and equipment; maintained and administered a safe and harmonious working environment in the lab; and wrote research results and annual reports.


Agronomy of horticultural plants and husbandry of fruit flies (Anastrepha suspensa).

Molecular and cellular bio-techniques in bacteria, virus, plants, insects and human cancer cell lines, including cell and tissue culture, cell proliferation/cytotoxicity assays, extraction, analyses and manipulations of proteins, and deoxy- and ribo-nucleotides, and microinjection of insect embryos for genetic transformations. Operation of QPIX2 colony picker robot.

Comfortable knowledge of DNA and protein analyses softwares used in oligonucleotide synthesis (Oligo), sequencing (Sequencher), quantification of protein and DNA bands (Quantity One), phylogeny (Blast). Knowledge of commonly used statistical analysis tools, including the software Microcal Origin, and PC and MAC commonly used softwares.

Honors and Awards

Fellow, American Association for Cancer Research,  Pathobiology of Cancer, 2001.

Invited Speaker, Philippine-American Association of Scientists and Engineers, 1999.

U.S. Department of Agriculture/ARS Merit Award, 1993.

Award of Appreciation, Volunteers for International Student Association, University of Florida, 1985.

Presidential Recognition of Outstanding Students, University of Florida, 1985.

Scholar, Philippine Government Ministry of Agriculture, 1982-1985.

Secretary, Crop Science Society of the Philippines, 1982.


Selected Publications

Refereed Publications:

14. Mainwaring MG, LM Rimza, SF Chen, SP GOMEZ, FW Weeks, V Reddy, J Lynch, WS May, S Kahn, J Moreb, H Leather, R Braylan, TC Rowe, KJ Feinewicz, and JR Wingard. 2002. Treatment of  refractory acute leukemia with timed sequential chemotherapy using topotecan followed by  etoposide + mitoxantrone (T-EM) and correlation with topoisomerase II levels. Leukemia Lymphoma. 43(5): 989-99

13. Chen, S., SP GOMEZ, D McCarley, and  MG Mainwaring. 2002. Topotecan-induced topoisomerase II- alpha expression increases the sensitivity of the CML cell line K562 to subsequent etoposide plus mitoxantrone treatment. Cancer Chemotheraphy and Pharmacology. 49(5): 347-55.

12. Shi, X., S.P. GOMEZ AND P.O. Lawrence. 1999. A 24 kDa parasitism-specific protein from the   Caribbean fruit fly, Anastrepha suspensa: cDNA and deduced amino acid sequence. Insect Biochem Mol Biol. 29(9): 749-55.

11. GOMEZ, S.P. and A.M. Handler. 1997. A Drosophila melanogaster hobo-white+ Vector mediates low frequency gene transfer in D. virilis with full interspecific white+ complementation. Insect Molecular Biology 6(2):165-171.

10. Handler, A.M. and S.P. GOMEZ. 1997. A new hobo, Ac, Tam3 transposable element, hopper, from Bactrocera dorsalis is distantly related to hobo and Ac. Gene 185: 133-135.

9. Handler, A.M and S.P. GOMEZ. 1997. P-element excision in Drosophila is stimulated by gamma-irradiation in transient embryonic assays. Genet Res. 70(1):75-8.

8. Handler, A.M. and S.P. GOMEZ. 1996. Analysis of hobo transposable element for gene-vector development. In Part V. Genetics and Biochemistry, Fruit Fly Pests – A world assessment of their biology and managment. Eds. Bruce A. McPherson and Gary J. Steck. St Lucie Press, Delray Beach, Florida pp 221-230.

7. Handler, A.M. and S.P. GOMEZ. 1996. The hobo transposable element excises and has related elements in tephritid species. Genetics. 143:1339-1347.

6. Handler, A.M. and S.P. GOMEZ. 1995. The hobo transposable element has transposase-dependent and -independent excision activity in drosophilid species. Mol. Gen. Genet. 247:399-408.

5. Handler, A.M., GOMEZ, S.P., and O’Brochta, D.A. 1993. A functional analysis of the P-element gene transfer vector in insects. Arch. Insect Biochem. Physiol. 22:373-384.

4. Handler, A.M., GOMEZ, S.P., and O’Brochta, D.A. 1993. Negative regulation of P-element excision by the somatic product and terminal sequences of the P in Drosophila melanogaster. Mol. Gen. Genet. 237:145-151.

3. O’Brochta, D.A. GOMEZ, S.P. and Handler, A.M. 1991. P-element excision in Drosophila melanogaster and related drosophilids. Mol. Gen. Genet. 225:387-394.

2. GOMEZ, S.P. 1988. Inheritance of common blight resistance caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli (Smith) dye in Phaseolus vulgaris L. bean line XR 235-1-1. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

1. GOMEZ, S.P. 1981. Inheritance of resistance to bacterial wilt caused by Pseudomonas solanacearum E.F.Smith, in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.). Proceedings of the Crop Science Society of the Philippines, Cebu, Philippines.

Contributed Presentations:

4. Chen, Sifeng, Sheilachu Paje Gomez, Mark G. Mainwaring. 2001. Protein-DNA double comet assay for protein-mediated DNA damage. Abstracts on Experimental/Molecular Therapeutics. Proc. of Am Assoc for Cancer Research. 42: 450.

3. Barney Dillard, Sheilachu P. Gomez, Pauline O.  Lawrence, Xianzong Shi and Ernesto Almira. 1999. A homolog of vaccinia virus ‘rifampicin resistance’ protein in an entompoxvirus from a parasitic wasp. Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America, Atlanta, GA.

2. Pauline O. Lawrence, Sheilachu P. Gomez and Xianzong Shi. 1999. An entomopoxvirus from a parasitic wasp induces a 24KD protein in Cyclorrhaphous dipterans. Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America, Atlanta, GA.

1. Xianzong Shi, Sheilachu P. Gomez, Pauline O. Lawrence. 1998. The cDNA sequence and its deduced amino acids of PSP24: A parasitism-specific protein from the Caribbean fruit fly, Anastrepha suspensa. Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America, Las Vegas, NV.

Deposited DNA sequences in GenBank:

1. Dillard, B. E., Gomez, S.P., Lawrence, P.O., Shi, X., Almira, E.C. 2000. Diachasmiporpha longicaudata entomopoxvirus RI-1 protein gene, complete cds,. GenBank Accession Number AF159588.

2. Shi, X., Gomez, S.P., Lawrence, P.O. 1999. Anastrepha suspensa  parasitism-specific protein PSP10(psg4) mRNA, complet cds. GenBank Accession Number AF165876.

3.Shi, X., Gomez, S.P., Lawrence, P.O. 1999. Anastrepha suspensa parasitism specific protein   PSP24 (psg8) mRNA, complete cds. GenBank Accession Number AF135876

Other Publications:

1.Website: Sheilachu P. Gomez, Jeremy Purvis, Lonnie O. Ingram. 2001. Florida Center for   Renewable Chemicals and Fuels (FCRC): University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Microbiology and Cell Science Department.

2. Brochure: Sheilachu P. Gomez and Lonnie O. Ingram. 2002. Florida Center for Renewable Chemicals and Fuels (FCRC).  University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Microbiology and Cell Science Department.

3.MyUFL Portal: Sheilachu P. Gomez. 2003. Editor for Florida Center for Renewable Chemicals and Fuels Pagelets. University of Florida

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