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Bioinformatics Minor

The Microbiology & Cell Science Department is pleased to offer an undergraduate minor in Bioinformatics. This minor is offered to students majoring in any biology-related subject, including, but not limited to, Microbiology, Biology or Biochemistry.

Bioinformatics - which we define broadly as the use of computers to answer biological questions - has become a major component of modern biological science. So integrated is bioinformatics with biology that it is difficult to find an active research program that does not rely on bioinformatic analysis to achieve results. Unfortunately, the integration of bioinformatic and traditional methods is not stressed in many undergraduate programs, leaving the next generation of biologists without the skills they need to succeed in tomorrow’s research environment.

We created the undergraduate minor in Bioinformatics to provide this critical training to future professionals in the biological disciplines.

Through participation in this minor, you will gain:

1.Advanced coursework in bioinformatics to learn new skills

2.Practical experience applying bioinformatics skills to solve real-world research problems

3.Mentorship and guidance for career development

4.A community of colleagues working to learn and apply bioinformatics skills

Your training will help position you as a future leader in your chosen biological discipline and provide you with the integrative technical skills necessary to excel.


Dr. Valerie de Crecy-Lagard

Dr. Bryan Kolaczkowski


The Bioinformatics minor is designed to provide students with a solid exposure to a wide range of bioinformatics tools and techniques. We offer hands-on courses in areas such as: bioinformatics tools and workflows, computer programing for biologists, and genomic sequencing and analysis.