Academic Advising

Transfer Students, please apply to Florida Pathways S-STEM Scholarship.

Bryan Korithoski, PhD

Undergraduate On-Campus (including PACE) Academic Advisor

☎ (352)-392-8350


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Students should contact Bryan if they are interested in general academic advising including but not limited to: course scheduling, registration issues, holds, major/minor changes, advanced lab sign up, etc.

Dr. Korithoski's office is located in building 981 Microbiology - Room 1047. Please check Bryan's calendar before making an appointment. 

Dr. Monika Oli

Undergraduate Coordinator

☎ (352)-392-8434

Students should contact Dr. Oli if they have questions regarding long term planning/career advising, or questions about teaching assistant positions within the department, study abroad opportunities, internships, etc.

Dr. Oli's office is located in Microbiology building 981 - Room 1049. Please email Dr. Oli at the email address to the left.