Nemat O. Keyhani


Description of Research

Our laboratory performs research in two main areas. (1) Tripartite interactions between Beauveria bassiana, a fungal pathogen of arthropods, their insect hosts, and plant partners with which the fungus forms associations. This project involves fundamental and applied research in host-pathogen interactions and insect biological control. We use a variety of approaches including molecular (gene knockouts, transcriptomics), biochemical (enzyme assays, yeast two-hybrid), and cell biological (microscopy; electron, fluorescent, and Atomic Force) to probe fungal development, insect virulence, and plant interactions. (2) Chemical communication in insects. We are examining proteins involved in olfaction and ligand transport in a number of insects including mosquitoes, the tsetse fly, and ants. In particular, we are interested in exploring the contributions of these proteins within a framework of the biochemistry and evolution of insect social behavior.

Teaching Interests
    • MCB 4304 - Genetics of Microorganisms
    • MCB 6317 - Molecular Biology of Gene Expression
    • MCB 6937 - Special Topics - Advanced Bacterial Genetics

Nemat O. Keyhani