Willm Martens-Habbena

Assistant Professor

Description of Research

General area: My research combines molecular microbiology, microbial physiology and biogeochemistry to advance our understanding of microorganisms in complex ecosystems. By combining Next-Generation Sequencing approaches and bioinformatics tools with classical culture-based microbiology and direct activity measurements in the environment, my research aims to understand patterns of diversity, abundance and activity of microorganisms in natural and engineered systems. My research further aims to experimentally verify these patterns in laboratory and field experiments. 
The overarching questions guiding my research are as follows: 
1) Which interactions occur between microorganisms and other trophic guilds and how do those interactions influence ecosystem function? 
2) Which forces do global change sea level rise and human activity impose on selection of phylogenetic and metabolic diversity in marine and terrestrial habitats? 
3) How do these forces reflect on community metabolism and ecosystem performance? 
4) How can we harness the microbial powers to conserve ecosystem function and benefit humanity? 

If you are interested in gaining research experience, or would like to know more about my research, feel free to contact me any time.

Teaching Interests
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Willm Martens-Habbena