Hire, termination and immigration forms

microsImmigration forms:

For all immigration forms for scholar and interns: https://www.ufic.ufl.edu/EVS/forms.html

For First time invitations:

  1. UFID Req FORM
  2.  EVDS-2019 Request Form
  3. CFR-Certification of Financial Responsibility (non-UF Funding)
  4. Letter of invitation – UF Funding
  5. Letter of invitation – non-UF funding
  6. Weblink to pay for UF processing fee: http://conferences.dce.ufl.edu/basic/385.aspx .

Information and instructions for the payment process are posted on the EVS website: https://www.ufic.ufl.edu/EVS/InvitingJ1Scholar.html   (Inviting a J-1 Scholar).

For Program Extensions and Early Terminations:
1. EVAmendment Request Form
2. Amended Offerletter non-UF Funding
3. Amended Offer letter UF Funding


1.       OPS Initiation/offer letter
2.       Post Doc Invitation/offer letter

Tax service forms:

1.       Copy of social security card (UF EVS recommends a 10 days waiting period after entering the country before apply at the Social Security office as UF requires this window to validate immigration records and communicate with Social Security). Please note: it may take a minimum of 2 weeks for Social Security card to be processed and received by the FN. To, go to http://hr.ufl.edu/wpcontent/uploads/instructionguides/ForeignNationals/HowtoObtainaSocialSecurityCard2.pdf.

2. Complete Foreign National Tax Information form (FNIF)
3. Completed an I-9 form “employment Eligibility Verification”

hiring forms:
1.       OPS/Student application
2.       Four in One and Loyalty Oath form
3.       Self-Identify form
4.       Direct Deposit
5.       Florida retirement system (FRS)-Post Docs
6.       Market Place Acknowledgement form
7.       Letter of transmittal (if not advertised)- Post Docs

1.       Exit checklist


Click in the link below to fill the Hire and Termination form.

Hire and termination form