Career Resources

We will post career resources and information here as they become available!

Science Careers – From the Journal of Science

Careers Seminar  MCB4934 – This course is intended to benefit any Biology, Microbiology students or students in related fields, making career decisions, preparing for internships and organizing their academic credentials to support these decisions. The class will be taught as a lecture/presentation and discussion/activity hands-on course with emphasis on exploring a wide variety of career opportunities in academia, industry and alternative professions for (micro)-biology majors and related fields. (updated syllabi coming soon!)

Lab Skills Bootcamp MCB4934 1CR (every spring) The course design is based on case studies and real life scenarios. The activities are driven by computer based activities, tutorials and skills mastery. This course is best suited for a curious self-motivated student. Students are additionally expected to explore a variety of tools and resources independently. (updated syllabi coming soon!)