Microbiology MS/BS (4+1) Combined Degree Program

The Microbiology and Cell Science combined B.S./M.S. program allows qualified students to earn both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (non-thesis) with 12 credit hours of jointly counted course work.  This program is considered a “4/1” because students may be awarded both degrees within a five-year period. This program is only offered for Microbiology and Cell Science majors in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. To be eligible for the 4+1 program students should have a minimum 3.2 overall GPA, a minimum 3.2 science GPA, and a minimum 3.0 GPA in CHM2210, CHM2211, and MCB3023/L.

Students interested in applying should complete the steps below:

  1. Contact your undergraduate advisor to discuss your eligibility for the program and potential courses that can be taken as part of the combined degree program.
  2. Complete the Combined Degree Request Form and have your undergraduate advisor approve the form.
  3. Contact Jacqueline Lee at jlee9@ufl.edu to discuss the master’s degree requirements and gain graduate level approval of  the Combined Degree Form. 
  4. Send the Combined Degree Form for college level approval.
  5. Once the form is approved, contact Jacqueline Lee at jlee9@ufl.edu to be registered for graduate level courses each semester.
  6. In the final semester of your bachelor’s degree, reach out to Jacqueline Lee at jlee9@ufl.edu about the master’s degree application

Advantages of the Combined Degree Program:

  • The M.S. program is a 30 credit program that normally requires two years to complete. The combined program allows for students to complete their M.S. in as little as one year after earning their B.S.
  • The M.S. program offers a more comprehensive life science education, perfect for students looking for a competitive edge in professional school admissions (Veterinary, Medical, Dental, etc.).
  • Students will gain valuable research experience working with internationally recognized faculty with a diverse set of interests and backgrounds. For more information on the faculty and the research they conduct, please visit the faculty directory.
  • UF is consistently ranked among the nation’s top universities: No. 14 in U.S. News & World Report “Top Public Universities” (August 2013); No. 3 in Kiplinger’s “Best Values in Public Colleges” (2013); No. 3 in the Fiske Guide to Colleges list of Best Buys Among Publics (2014); No. 15 on the Forbes list of best public universities (2013); and No. 1 on Washington Monthly magazine’s list of national universities that offer the best bang for the buck (2013.)
  • Job recruiters ranked UF ninth on the list of places where corporations prefer to recruit new employees (2010) and No. 2 on SmartMoney magazine’s list of universities whose graduates get the highest salary return for their tuition dollars (2012).

Please visit our Graduate Student Handbook to learn more about specific coursework and program requirements.