Undergraduate Course Descriptions

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Semesters Offered

Pre-req Information

C=core     E=elective Q=quantitative  B=Bioinformatic O=other P=professional development R=research

Web=online L=Lab  C=In person class

Also offered through UF online

BSC 2891 Python Programming for Biology Kolaczkowski
Spring   B, E, Q Web Yes
BSC 4434 Bioinformatics de Crecy Fall Microbiology, capped at 33 students B, E, Q Lab/Class No
MCB 2006 Microbes without Borders Oli Fall BSC 2010/2010L O (international scholars class) Web Yes
MCB 3015c Lab Skills Bootcamp Oli Spring BSC 2010/2010L O, P Web Yes
MCB 3023 Principles of Microbiology(majors only) Stingl and Martens-Habbena Fall, Spring BSC 2010/2010L BSC 2011/2011LCo-req: CHM 2210 C Web Yes
MCB 3023L Principles of Microbiology Labcurrently coded MCB 4934 for online students (accelerated lab, 5 days in the summer, dates each year TBD – contact online advisor) Oli Fall, Spring,     Summer: accelerated for DE students only BSC 2010/2010L, BSC2011/2011L, CHM2210 C Lab Bootcamp
MCB 3703 Astrobiology Foster
Spring Course in microbiology, astronomy, chemistry, geology, or physics E, Gordon writing Class and web Yes
MCB 3933 Professional Development in Microbiology and Cell Science  Korithoski Fall, Spring, Summer BSC 2011, CHM 2045 or equivalent P Class (Fa) Web (Fa,Sp), 2CR only in class in Fa Yes (1CR only Fa, SP)
MCB 4034L Advanced Microbiology Lab (1/2 semester only) Vermerris/Gonzales/Rice (summer DE only) Fall, Spring,     Summer: accelerated for DE students only Microbiology/Lab C Lab Bootcamp
MCB 4203 Bacterial and Viral Pathogens Rice Fall Microbiology C or E Web with optional life review Yes
MCB 4304 Genetics of Microorganisms Keyhani Fall Microbiology C Class Yes
MCB 4320c The Microbiome (former Bacterial genome sequencing) Triplett Spring Microbiology E, Q Web Yes
MCB 4325C R for functional Genomics  Conesa Fall Microbiology, genetics, statistics, capped at 10 students B (elective) E, Q Web No
MCB 4403 Prokaryotic Cell Structure & Function Edelman Fall CHM 2211, Microbiology, BCH4024 suggested E Class Yes
MCB 4503 General Virology Maruniak Spring Microbiology, genetics, biochemistry or molecular biology E Class (but not mandatory) = Web Yes
MCB 4782 Archaea and Biotechnology Maupin Fall CHM 2211, Microbiology E Web Yes
MCB 4905 Independent Studies Oli Fall, Spring, Summer Form approval R Lab Yes
MCB 4911 Supervised Research in Microbiology and Cell Science Lorca Fall, Spring, Summer Form approval R Lab Yes
MCB 4934 Microbial Application of Synthetic Biology Reisch Fall Microbiology E Web Yes
MCB 4934 Microbial Diversity Christner Summer A Microbiology, biochemistry recommended E Web Yes
MCB 4934 Human Genomics Drew Fall BSC 2010/2010L, BSC2011/2011L E Web Yes
MCB 4934 Teaching Assistant Oli (and other instructors) Fall, Spring, Summer A Microbiology/Lab O, P Lab/Class Yes
MCB 4941 Internship Oli Summer Form approval P, R Lab Yes
PCB 3134 Eukaryotic Cell Structure & Function Mou (fall)/Jiang (spring) Fall, Spring BSC 2010/2010L, BSC2011/2011L, CHM2210, co-req: CHM2211 E Web Yes
PCB 4233 Immunology Larkin Spring Microbiology or BCH4024, MCB 4203 suggested C or E Class (but not mandatory) = Web Yes
PCB 4522 Molecular Genetics  Gurley Spring, Summer C BSC 2010/2010L C Class (but not mandatory) = Web (Sp), Web only (Su) Yes
ZOO 4232 Human Parasitology Kima Fall BSC 2010/2010L, BSC2011/2011L E Class (but not mandatory) = Web Yes