The Microbiology & Cell Science Department is pleased to offer an undergraduate minor in Bioinformatics. This minor is offered to students majoring in any biology-related subject, including, but not limited to, Microbiology, Biology or Biochemistry. Bioinformatics - which we define broadly as the use of computers to answer biological questions - has become a major component of modern biological science. So integrated is bioinformatics with biology that it is difficult to find an active research program that does not rely on bioinformatic analysis to achieve results. Unfortunately, the integration of bioinformatic and traditional methods is not stressed in many undergraduate programs, leaving the next generation of biologists without the skills they need to succeed in tomorrow’s research environment. We created the undergraduate minor in Bioinformatics to provide this critical training to future professionals in the biological disciplines.


  1. Advanced coursework in bioinformatics to learn new skills
  2. Practical experience applying bioinformatics skills to solve real-world research problems
  3. Mentorship and guidance for career development
  4. A community of colleagues working to learn and apply bioinformatics skills

Your training will help position you as a future leader in your chosen biological discipline and provide you with the integrative technical skills necessary to excel.


To apply for the minor, you will need to submit the Minor Application Paperworkto the UF Registrar’s office. Please contact your academic advisor if you have any questions about how to apply for this minor.


Required Courses (9 credits)

BSC 2891

CAP 5510

Python Programming for Biologists OR


3 Credits; Spring

3 Credits; Fall

BSC 4434C Introduction to Bioinformatics 3 Credits; Fall
MCB 4320C The Microbiome 3 Credits; Spring


Required Capstone Experience (3 credits)

BSC 4913

Independent Research in Bioinformatics

3 Credits; Fall,Spring

Please read this short description about how to register for the required capstone experience course.

It is strongly advised that students begin planning for the required capstone experience at least 1 semester before they plan to register for the course.


Elective Requirement (choose one 3-4 credit course)

HOS 3305
Introduction to Plant Molecular Biology
3 Credits; Fall
MAP 4484
Modeling in Mathematical Biology
3 Credits; Spring
PCB 3063 Genetics 4 Credits; Fall,Spring
PCB 4674 Evolution 4 Credits; Fall,Spring,Summer
PCB 5065 Advanced Genetics 3 Credits; Fall
BSC 4325C R for Functional Genomics 3 Credits; Fall
MCB 4934 Advanced Bioinformatics 3 Credits; Spring
BSC 4914 Advanced Independent Research in Bioinformatics 3 Credits; Fall,Spring

Students wishing to substitute a particular course for the Bioinformatics elective requirement should contact their academic advisor to discuss the substitution. Any course being substituted for the Bioinformatics elective requirement must have a strong quantitative or bioinformatics focus.