MCS Recommendation Letter request

If you would like a recommendation letter from one of our MCS faculty, please fill out this form as thoroughly as possible and submit your request using the "send letter" button at the bottom.

Your recommendation letter request will be sent to the faculty member you identify in the "Who would you like a letter of recommendation from?" field. Your identified MCS faculty member should contact you if they need any additional information about your letter request. If you need to follow up on your request, please email your identified MCS faculty member directly.

Although our faculty are generally happy to write letters of recommendation for our students, please be aware that it can take around 2 weeks for faculty to write a letter of recommendation. Please be conscientious of faculty and give us enough time to write a letter that will help you achieve your goals.

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Your personal statement should clearly and concisely describe your career goals, how your past work has prepared you to pursue these goals, and how this opportunity fits into your next steps toward achieving your goals. Use your personal statement to tell your unique story in your own words.