GATTACA movie session

Description: Postdoc Associate Leticia Pollo de Oliveira will lead this movie session displaying the movie GATTACA to the students of the course The Gene: An Intimate History, coordinated by the Honors Program. The movie will be followed by discussions with the students.
1 instructor (internal)
11 students (mostly external)
We will need the TV that should be installed on April 12th.
For contact:
Confirmation status: Confirmed
Room: Microbiology 981 - Conference Room 1054
Start time: 16:00:00 - Monday 15 April 2019
Duration: 3 hours
End time: 19:00:00 - Monday 15 April 2019
Type: External
Created by: lpollo
Last updated: 16:52:02 - Monday 08 April 2019
Repeat type: None
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