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UTA signup for Microbiology labs, Fall 2022 is open now!

First come first served

Mandatory TA workshop (in person for fall)


• To become a UTA you must have taken the microbiology lab you are TAing for (or a higher version of the lab) and should have enjoyed the experience.
• You should be available for the entire lab session and come 15 min early if the lab is in person


• Please complete this form in its entirety. SUBMIT the form Please make sure all holds are cleared for registration before submitting this form.
• Students can TA for labs for 2 semesters only. You will be registered for MCB 4934 “SUPERVISED TEACHING - TBA“ and the final letter grade will be posted on your UF Transcript.
• Please select below the lab you want to TA for: Only Microbiology majors can TA for MCB 3023L or for any other lab of their choice. Non-micro majors must pick MCB 2000L or MCB3020L.
• A few weeks before the semester starts we will send you a spreadsheet to sign up for a section that fits into your schedule.

TA positions will be filled on a first come first serve basis – so sign up early.!


For in person labs, you should arriveat least 15 minutes before the lab starts to set up for the days experiment and stay until the lab is cleaned after the students leave.
Communicate with your GTA regularly to know the procedure,modules and exercises are performed on each given day, be prepared. You may be asked to help design exams, teach, deal with Canvas and answer student questions about the lab. You may keep attendance for the lab, lead small discussions or help with any other aspect the GTA needs help with.
You directly report to the sections GTA. Your reliability, professionalism and preparedness will determine your grade.
There are some other trainings you have to do for being a UTA. Additionally you have the opportunity to teach one lab module. At the end of the semester you have to submit an ePortfolio with a short reflection on your teaching experience. We will guide you through the process.

We are very excited to have you as part of the TA team and thank you for your interest in serving a TA for microbio labs. We could not provide the same educational experience without motivated and prepared TAs like you! THANKS and we look forward to seeing you in the new semester

Dr. Oli

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