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UF GO is new integrated platform for processing travel and pcard transactions at the University of Florida.

 This system will go live on April 3, 2023


What can I do to prepare for UF GO?

Complete the introductory Training Course UGO100 – Introduction to UF GO

View video Demos here.

View the toolkits and instruction guides:

  1. The first step for all UF GO users (travelers, approvers, delegates, etc.) is viewing and updating profile information, including adding PCard information, assigning delegates and setting email preferences. The profile options also contain areas of customization including adding mileage plans and activating e-receipts. Detailed training on this process can be found here.
  1. Learn about the process for travel authorizations, called “Travel Requests" in the new system.
  1. Learn about the travel booking tool, which is required for booking travel, unless there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from doing so.
  1. Learn about managing all your expenses in UF GO (travel, pcard, and general reimbursements). Here you can get information on the process for uploading and managing receipts.

Contact Holly Freitas ( or Joseph Romano ( with any questions.  We are happy to help!

What is new for departmental operations?

  • Travel bookings, authorizations, travel expense reports, and pcard transactions will all be managed through the new UF GO tool.
  • Pcards and Travel Receipts are handled in each cardholder or traveler's account. Each traveler or Pcard holder will be able to see their charges and upload receipts themselves through a mobile app or desktop.
  • You may continue to send DocuSign for Pcard charges if you prefer to not go through the Pcard process in UF GO.
  • Travelers are required to use the new booking tool offered in UF GO, except under extenuating circumstances or for conference hotels that offer discounts.
  • We will retire the MCS travel authorization form. Travel authorizations will take place in UF GO, and are called “Travel Requests” in the UF GO system.  The traveler will create a travel request in UF GO, provide chartfield, business purpose, and category.  The request will route to their UF supervisor for approval.
  • You may delegate your travel booking to another user, and they will pay via UF Aircard (they will not need a Pcard).
  • Every traveler will need to submit their travel expense report through the system themselves (this takes the place of the DocuSign signature).
  • PCard DocuSign templates will be optional.  You may either use the pcard DocuSign template (as previously done), or upload receipts and backup documentation through the UF GO application.