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UF-Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications across all university majors

The US National Science Foundation (NSF) is funding a joint program to train undergraduate students attending FAMU and UF in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications across all university majors.

This program is available to all FAMU and UF undergraduates, and does not require a strong technical background. If you want to learn to engage AI in your field, we have a program to help support you!

Details about this program can be found below:

Our program offers awards for undergraduate students attending FAMU or UF and majoring in any discipline.

AI Diversity Fellowship

AI Diversity Fellowships are $2500 for UF students and $5000 for FAMU students. UF awardees must complete the Certificate in AI Fundamentals and Applications, and FAMU awardees must complete 9 credit-hours of AI-related undergraduate coursework.

You will need to identify courses to complete the 9 credit-hour requirement before applying for this award. However, the required courses can be attempted at any time during your undergraduate degree, and you are free to substitute different courses later on.

You will also need to provide the name and email address of your academic advisor or a faculty member at your university who can provide a reference.

The aim of these fellowships is to enhance the diversity of students pursuing AI-related coursework. Students from historically under-represented groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

As with all our programs, a technical background or experience in AI or computer programming is not required. We are looking to support students from all majors and backgrounds!

To apply for an AI Diversity Fellowship, click here.

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