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Marc Chevrette

Assistant Professor 

  • Teaching Interests
    • Python programming for biologists each Spring semester
  • Education
    • PhD: Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Currie)

    • MSc: Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Currie)

    • MSc: Biotechnology (Bioengineering), Harvard University Extension (Maira-Litrán)

    • BSc: Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Description of Research

    Microbes are the best chemists in the world and their metabolites are the language of microbial interactions. Microbially produced secondary metabolites influence many aspects of microbiome ecology and are an important source of antibiotics and other medicines.

    Our research focuses on the ecology and evolution of the genes that encode secondary metabolism and how microbial metabolites shape microbiome interaction networks. We deploy both computational and experimental approaches to describe the eco-evo dynamics of bacteria and the genes that assemble their secondary metabolites.

    Current topics of study include:

    • Secondary metabolites in insect, amphibian, plant, and other host microbiomes
    • Computational tools to identify novel metabolite pathways in genomes and place them in evolutionary context
    • Experimental model systems to better understand how secondary metabolism dynamically shapes microbial communities
  • Publications

Contact Information 

Lab Website


Rm. # 1009
Microbiology Building 981