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Monika Oli, PhD

Master Lecturer

Undergraduate Coordinator (2016-2023) and Microbiology Lab Supervisor


Dr. Oli created and teaches microbiology labs in person and online. She has designed and led several study abroad programs. Now she is also teaching a Quest 2 course “Microbes without Borders”.


Any student should contact Dr. Oli for career advice, internship opportunities, study abroad, and other pertinent questions.


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  • Teaching Interests
    • Microbiology Lab Coordinator and oversight
    • Microbiology Labs
      • MCB 2000L
      • MCB 3020L
      • MCB 3023L
      • MCB 3015C Lab Skills Bootcamp  
      • MCB 3023L Bootcamp Lab (in person) 
      • MCB 3023L online 
    • Supervised Teaching
      • MCB 4934  
      • MCB 6940 
    • Microbes without Borders
      • MCB 2006
      • IDS 2935 (Quest 2 course)
    • International Studies (Study Abroad) Medicine Microbiology and Health
      • ALS 4404
    • Internship
      • MCB 4941
  • Education
    • Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship (MSE) University of Florida 2009 
    • Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL 2001 
    • M.Sc. in Biological Sciences, Microbiology Mississippi State University, MS 1995 
    • B.Sc. with Honors, Zoology, University of Edinburgh, UK 1992 
  • Research Interests

    Oli has done research on gut microbes, molecular parasitology, oral biology and has worked in industry developing novel tests for brain specific biomarkers to diagnose brain injuries (TBI). 

    Google scholar profile Publications 

Contact Information


Rm. # 1049
Microbiology Building 981