Claudio Gonzalez


Description of Research

General area: Gene expression and regulation; protein engineering, enzyme production and characterization.

My lab is interested in the functional and biological characterization of unknown proteins with hydrolytic activity.

  • Identification of natural substrates
  • Determination of the metabolic pathway to which they are associated
  • Elucidation of regulatory circuits involved on its expression or activity

We are especially interested in a big group of enzymes called esterases that includes carboxylesterases, arylesterases and thioesterases. To accomplish this task we are using rapid screening techniques combining hundred of natural and synthetic substrates. This big group of enzymes is involved in different cellular functions from biosynthetic pathways to xenobiotics detoxification processes. Elucidate the biological role of unknown enzymes with esterase activity represents a big challenge due its broad substrate specificity. However, this hydrolytic plasticity associated with the stereoselectivity of some of them makes this group of proteins useful for many industrial, biomedical and environmental applications.

Teaching Interests
  • MCB 3023 - Principles of Microbiology

Claudio Gonzalez