Uli Stingl

Assistant Professor 

Description of Research

My lab is focusing on analyzing and understanding the structure and function of aquatic microbial communities. In particular, I am interested in how microbial communities and key species respond to changing environmental conditions. In order to address these questions, the lab uses a wide array of tool in microbial ecology, including: novel cultivation techniques, cultivation-independent approaches, genomics and transcriptomics of pure cultures, meta-omics, microscopy, and microsensors.

Current projects:

  1. Microdiversity and ecology of one of the most abundant groups of marine bacteria (SAR11, Pelagibacter)
  2. Giant bacteria (Epulopiscium spp.) and gut microbiology of surgeonfishes
  3. Response of microbial communities to increasing salt concentrations caused by sea level rise in South Florida.
Teaching Interests
    • Under development

Uli Stingl