Eric W. Triplett

Professor and Chair

Description of Research

The overall goal of the Triplett lab is to determine the drivers of microbial diversity in a wide range of environments. 

Current interests include: 1) the role of bacteria in the onset of autoimmune diseases; 2) bacteria as players in premature birth; 3) distribution of diazotrophs in natural ecosystems; 4) understanding the physiology of Liberibacter for the control of citrus greening disease; and 5) antimicrobial resistance in agroecosystems.

Teaching Interests
  • MCB 4320C - The Microbiome (undergraduate level) - spring
  • MCB 6670C - The Microbiome (graduate level) - spring
  • MCB 7922   - Journal Colloquy (graduate level) - fall and spring

Eric W. Triplett